Writing publications

‘Icarus Dreams’ poem to be published in Open (Nottingham Writers’ Studio journal – Autumn/Winter 2016)


‘Mint Choc Chip’ poem published in Food and Drink – pamphlet of the 2015 Bramley Apple Festival poetry competition poems (The Southwell Folio Publications, July 2016)


‘His Birth’ short story, shortlisted in the Wellcome Trust funded project ‘Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities’ creative writing competition, summer 2016, to be published by Freight Books in 2017


‘Gibbous’ ekphrastic poem & ‘Gibbous’ zentangle art, The Poetry Shed blog, 9th July 2016


‘Little Lost Soul’ short story, The Forgotten and the Fantastical 2 (Mother’s Milk Books, March 2016)


‘The Larch’ flash fiction, published in Three Drops from a Cauldron, Midwinter 2015 (Three Drops Press, January 2016)


‘Heady Dreams of Summers Past’ & ‘Cow parsley’ poems published in A Bouquet of Flowers – pamphlet of the 2014 Bramley Apple Festival poetry competition poems (The Southwell Folio Publications, July 2015)


‘Rant’ creative non-fiction piece, Mslexia. Issue 66 June/Jul/August 2015


‘Screaming Sue’ & ‘Lady Seaweed or Tristesse’ short stories published in The Forgotten and the Fantastical (Mother’s Milk Books, March 2015)


‘Inmates’ poem published in Never (Nottingham Writers’ Studio members journal, Spring 2015)


‘A Sense of Place’ short story, published in Splickety Prime, Winter 2014


‘We Only Want To Know One Thing Benedict’ poem, Silver Birch Press blog (September 2014)


‘Sensibility’ poem published in the anthology Advice on Proposals edited by Angela Topping (Like This Press, September 2014)


A review of He Wants by Alison Moore, published on the For Books’ Sake website, August 2014


‘The Cold Cup of Tea’ poem reprinted in Breastfeeding Today magazine, May 2014


‘The Daffodils’ poem reprinted in Parent Tribe online magazine, Spring/Summer 2014


‘We Don’t Travel Light’ poem published in Parent Tribe online magazine August/September 2013


‘How I found the wild woman at my heels’ article and poem published on Wild Sister website, July 2013


‘The Ballad of the Beach’ poem reprinted in Parent Tribe online magazine June/July 2013


Two haikus published in Western Haiku: A Collection (Dagda Publishing, 2013)


‘Ode to the Colour Brown’ poem published in Here Comes Everyone, The Colours Issue, February 2013


‘The Swing’ poem, second place in the 2013 Swanezine poetry competition


‘The Daffodils’ poem reprinted in Breastfeeding Today, Issue 17 January – March 2013


‘Within My Mother’s Arms’ poem reprinted on Baby Wisdom website, January 2013


‘Within My Mother’s Arms’ poem published in JUNO Winter 2012

‘Baby’s First Feed’, ‘The Cold Cup of Tea’, ‘The Daffodils’, ‘The Ballad of the Beach’ poems published in Musings on Mothering (Mother’s Milk Books, 2012)


‘Peggy’s Decision’ short story winner in the 2012 Swanezine short story competition


‘To Death, May He Be Pleased With His Handiwork’ poem published in The Road Less Travelled, (Dagda Publishing, 2012)


‘This struggling and exhausted mummy reached for the bottle’ parenting article about Breastfeeding Awareness Week published on The Mothership magazine website July 2012


‘Beautiful Girl on The King’s Road, London’ poem published in Concrete Jungles, (Dagda Publishing, 2012)


‘In Defence of Athens’ parenting article published on JUNO website October 2012


‘Day in the Life: Anna Burbidge of La Leche League GB’ published on The Green Parent website October 2011


‘My Beautiful Daughter: living with a haemangioma birthmark’ parenting article published in The Mother, July/August 2011


‘The Memory of Water’ flash fiction runner-up in the June 2011 Cazart website flash fiction competition


‘My Sister, My Guide’ parenting article published in The Green Parent, August/September 2010


‘What’s That On Her face?’ parenting article published in Practical Parenting and Pregnancy, June 2009


‘I’m sorry… I’m a full-time mum’ parenting article published in JUNO, Spring 2009


‘The Best Pain Relief’ parenting article published in Breastfeeding Matters January/February 2009 and New Beginnings, Issue 6 2008 – 2009


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