Life-changing non-fiction books

The following books were life-changing for me for a variety of reasons. I hope you may find them of use too.


The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding published by La Leche League International (7th revised edition)

When it comes to mothering, and breastfeeding, this book is so comforting and incredibly moving in places too… It’s also packed full of up-to-date (and well-researched) information about breastfeeding — dispelling all the myths out there. It is not prescriptive, but empowering; encouraging all mothers to listen to their instincts and to find creative ways to mother their children in the way that feels right for them.

People Skills by Robert Bolton

An oldie but a goldie! This is a great read for anyone interested in really communicating with those around them, enabling the reader to be able to arrive at satisfying solutions to family/work/emotional issues which have arisen from a lack of communication.

Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Another inspirational book which helped me with my own soul work. Insightful, intelligent, empowering, and beautifully written. It also encouraged me to write short stories and showed me the healing power in writing our own truths through ‘tales’.

What Mothers Do and How Mothers Love by Naomi Stadlen

Comforting, reassuring and very baby and mother-friendly. Highly intelligent and thought-provoking. Not a ‘how-to guide’ about mothering, merely collections of mothers’ thoughts, emotions and feelings, alongside Naomi’s insights. On reflection, these two books are also powerfully political.

The Woman Who Thought Too Much by Joanne Limburg

Before I read this book I’d already realized that the ‘thought loops’ and endless cycles of thought processes that I’ve experienced at particular times of my life are, basically, facets of OCD, but this book helped me to truly know that others suffer (and have suffered) with this too. And it was comforting to know that there are others like me. I hardly ever talk about this issue nowadays (probably because I’ve got more of a handle on it nowadays) but, also, since the obsessions and compulsions are internal, within the brain, so can’t be seen externally (unlike some of the behaviours that other OCD sufferers display) it’s rather like a silent mental torturer. And it can be difficult to talk about one’s own silent torturer.


The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron

This book made me realise that it’s okay to be an HSP. And that, for me, is a big deal!



More to be added soon…

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