Sample poetry

Within My Mother’s Arms

Within this soft, enchanting place

I’m given all I need —

Sweet, rich milk, a warm embrace;

And in this soft, enchanting place,

I find my mother’s wondrous face,

Then sleep, then wake, then feed and feed…

Within this soft, enchanting place,

I’m given all I need.

by Marija Smits

First published in Juno magazine, Winter 2012, Issue 30

Beautiful Girl on The King’s Road, London

Looking back on the scene,

Well I knew I was right;

I was right to have left you,

And glad to be free.

As I walked through the city

In my short, summer dress

I felt one with the city;

Alive and abuzz.

My hair freshly dyed

And a smile on my lips;

I was free of your chains,

And alive and abuzz.

My old life had gone

And I welcomed the new

And the city,

It promised so much.

by Marija Smits

First appeared in Concrete Jungles, Dagda Publishing 2012

To Death, may he be pleased with his handiwork

GRIEF it has withered me, hollowed me out;
I am brittle and frail, like a skeleton leaf.
I’ve no colour within me, no beauty without,
GRIEF it has withered me, hollowed me out.
I am terribly cold and riddled with doubt,
All my Joy has been stolen by Death, petty thief.
GRIEF it has withered me, hollowed me out;
I am brittle and frail, like a skeleton leaf.

By Marija Smits

This triolet first appeared in The Road Less Travelled, published by Dagda Publishing, 2012

7 comments on “Sample poetry

  1. Angie says:

    Thank you for sharing some of your poetry here. I love your chosen subjects, words, and your flow. ❤


    • Marija Smits says:

      Glad you like what you’ve read – you’ll have noticed that I like meter and form. I find free verse more difficult to write!

      Many thanks Angie for stopping by to comment. 🙂


  2. nicki says:

    lovely poetry. wanting to read more.


    • Marija Smits says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry and I’m glad you think it lovely. There is certainly lots more but at present it’s scattered around in various anthologies, magazines, blog posts or guest posts (but mainly in my crammed poetry notebook!).

      I’m so glad to have met you through Lucy’s blog – I find your writing really resonates with me 🙂


  3. . says:

    Thank you for sharing such great poems; they really speak to my soul!


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