Drops of ink (tumbling walls)

Most of my inspiration comes from the people around me – friends, family – the environment I find myself in, books I read, blog posts, sometimes even individual words… My work is eclectic, though the one thing I can predict about my artistic creations is that, at heart, they are inspired by some facet of beauty or human experience (sometimes both). This is my latest art/poetry pairing, inspired by lovely blogger Angie over at SoAngieWrites. I love that Angie is loving writing (as I do too!) and I thoroughly enjoyed creating the image, which was done with watercolour paint applied (mostly) with a dip pen – a first for me 🙂

So Angie Writes by Marija Smits

So Angie Writes by Marija Smits

Drops of ink

(tumbling walls)

for Angie

Drops of ink, blue waterfalls,

captured by the blank white page:

evidence of tumbling walls —

secret thoughts exposed to sight.

Those crumbling walls torn

down with speed need not now be rebuilt.

The milk-white page, born

reborn, is home enough for now.