The Creative Process

Welcome to the final week of the month-long Carnival of Creative Mothers to celebrate the launch of The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood by Lucy H. Pearce which has been’s Hottest New Release in Motherhood for the past week!

Today’s topic is The Creative Process. Do read to the end of this post for a full list of carnival participants. 


'Muse in flight' image by Marija Smits and 'A Conversation with My Muse' poem by Marija Smits

‘Muse in flight’ image by Marija Smits and ‘A Conversation with My Muse’ poem by Marija Smits

The Creative Process

Inspiration often comes unbidden, sometimes when on the verge of sleep, sometimes in the midst of play or when doing household chores. Sometimes it can be called upon when I have a rare moment of quiet to myself, children either asleep or out with a relative.

For those times when inspiration finds me unprepared I try to memorize the words or images and get them down on paper as soon as I can. Nighttimes are difficult though, with one child on either side of me, no bedside table and no easy way to get to pen and paper! I trust to my memory then and hope I’ll be able to recall the words the next day.

Some evenings I sit in front of the computer, the blank page before me and wonder if I can fill it with words. Usually, though, a day spent with my children affords me valuable ‘writing-thinking’ time and the chance to plot out stories and flesh out characters in my head. So when I come to the computer it’s often a case of typing out almost fully-formed sentences.

There is often though ‘the deep breath beforehand’ when I’m not sure I can communicate my vision through words or images. I’m not sure I have the skill, I’m not sure I can do it. Yet I leap anyway, for it is exhilarating — this journey into the unknown, into worlds I’ve created in my head. When I’m in this ‘otherland’ I am consumed by the feelings that wash over me and through me. I am both re-vitalized – energized with creativity – and also, interestingly, at peace. Time runs out though and reality intrudes; often in the form of a child asking for something, a pan of water boiling over, the phone ringing…

The transition from fantasy to reality is often difficult. I am in-between worlds then, my body going through its motions, on automatic, but my mind is still miles away. I know it will pass though, and I now accept that the journey back holds a certain amount of tension.

I promise myself I’ll go back as soon as I can…

The desire to create is frequent yet there are often fallow times when it seems as though I’ve created very little. Yet there must be peaks and troughs, rather like the ‘life, death, life’ nature of the Wild Woman. The Muse, akin to the rhythms of our bodies, and of nature, must rest and re-group from time to time so that she can be re-born and renewed with fresh vigour. I now understand the value of the quiet times — for important, underground soul-work is being done then — though I may not be able to see or sense it.

My ego cares more about the end result of my creativity rather than the process of creativity itself. Its voice is strengthened by plenty of voices in society wondering aloud if the work is worthwhile, if a price can be put to it… if it is good?

It does not matter. Really, it does not, because the work is now finished and it has begun its own journey, over which the creator has no control. The important thing is to create, for the creative process itself enriches the soul and causes it to fly…


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